DSC Split 6.0 Grade 3 English Willow Cricket Bat


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Improve Your Cricketing Ability: Become a better cricketer by using the Willow Grade Professional Cricket Bat, which champions choose. With a low blade for strong performance and a long power zone, this bat offers a massive hitting area.

Handle Craftsmanship: This handle, which has a treble spring (9 pieces) designed for maximum strength and stress absorption, gives you the power to rule the game with unshakeable confidence in your grasp. You may outshine the competitors with this handle’s ability to produce powerful, accurate strokes.

Grain Quality: The Willow Grade bat’s immaculate bat face, which is decorated with five to seven straight grains, is proof of its extraordinary quality and the careful craftsmanship that goes into its manufacture.

Classy Logo Design: The DSC Split 6.0 Grade 3 bat is a perfect example of all that DSC stands for. It gives batters the ability to play all kinds of shots, whether on the front foot or the back, thanks to its low-profile blade.

Included with every purchase is a protective cover, a specially made padded bat cover that will keep your prized item secure and in perfect shape for those all-important games.

Excellence in Bat Profiles: This bat’s profile has been painstakingly adjusted to match the exacting requirements of the contemporary T20 cricket format. It is designed to play aggressively. It stands out for having a mid-to-low sweet spot and perfect balance, which guarantee an exciting and impactful game of cricket.

Ideal Weight Range: These bats, which weigh between 1160 and 1200 grammes (Mens), are the ideal combination of powerful swing weight and deft handling.

Quality Grade: Made by hand from the finest Grade 3 English Willow Bat available, every bat is carefully chosen to maintain the greatest levels of performance and quality, making sure it satisfies the demanding requirements of the game.

Engineered for Dominance: The Bat Willow Grade bat is expertly crafted, with a classic shape and thick drive zone edges that are cleverly intended to release powerful and commanding strokes. The mid-profile and noticeable bow of the DSC Split 3.0 Grade 3 cricket bat are ideal for those who prefer to play both on the front foot.

Weight 1.4 kg


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